10/10/2020 Update: 42 Counties in California have been approved for indoor massage but SB Co is still not one of them.


Sept 4th, 2020 Update:

Unfortunately, we will be canceling all massages from today on, as we received an email last night from our state board that said therapists in San Bernardino County still cannot perform massage therapy unless its outside (which is not an option for us) or unless the client has a Dr's or Chiropractors note stating the massage is essential.


Even though most counties in Ca are able to perform massage indoors, SB Co just happens to be one of the few still on the state watchlist. We will be shutting down again until further notice.


We hope this doesn't continue for too long and hope to see you all back soon.


What you need to know before you arrive when we reopen:

  • Face covering will now be required by everyone.


  • We will have a CoVid-19 form to fill out.

  • A 30min buffer between clients to keep contact with others to a minimum - we may need to move existing appointments by 15-30min to accommodate this - we will notify you in advance if this happens.

  • Bathing before coming in for massage is required.

  • If you are feeling sick or show any symptoms of being sick such as coughing, your massage will need to be rescheduled.


  • We may use a handheld forehead thermometer to check your temperature upon arrival.


(For In-Home Massage inquiries - Please call or Email us)

2433 N. Euclid Ave. Ste G. Upland, Ca.

(rear side of the building - next to the Sheriff station)


**After scheduling an appointment, please make sure you have received an email confirmation to avoid any scheduling errors (by opting-in for email notifications when creating your profile).
We charge a $2 fee on all in-office credit card transactions.
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